I’m an American who has been living in Japan since 1990. My other podcast, Herro Flom Japan, is listened to by hundreds of very nice people around the world. I used to work in cubicle farm in Tokyo, but these days I meaningful relationships with real human beings instead.

Tony is my 17 year old son. Andy is my 14 year old son. My wife’s name is Ryoko.

5 thoughts on “About

  1. Your son seems billingual at the age of 10, how awesome. どのようにですか?

    Your podcasts are enjoyable :3

  2. Tony is bilingual because I almost always (99.9% of the time) speak to him in English. And lately he’s been speaking more English back to me too.

  3. hi I’m from Peru (south america). I’ve been listening to your little chats with your son and his great, i really enjoy listening to you guys. I think you should keep him in touch with both english and japanese( and why not a third language?) because that’s going to give him a lot of advantage in the future, you know. that’s all, thanks for your work ,it makes me laugh every time.
    ‘hear ya’. haha.bye

  4. Hi Rich!
    I stumbled on your site googling for funny japanese sayings, and am SO AMUSED. A little sad that the idea train halted – but if you’re still open for submissions I can give it a go! Also, your podcasts have inspired a little comic thing, so I hope you don’t mind 🙂 Credits to you and your son, of course.

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